Dr. Elaine Carter, D.C.    Springfield, Missouri

Module 1 - Viral Technique - January 16, 2013

Hi, I just returned from visiting Knoxville, TN with Dr. Barry's Sunshine Virus Technique seminar. Being a TBM practitioner made it easier for me to follow his protocol, but 1/2 the class wasn't. Dr. Barry is an excellent teacher and those that were not familiar with the body points and corrections were able to grasp it readily.

What I most loved about his presentation was the simplicity of his technique . He has found an effective way to pin point a virus coupled with an expansive number of potential stressors that can trigger any latent virus to erupt. He inspired me to think about relationships differently. Watching a Master always reminds me of the nuances that can get forgotten and overlooked.

We talked about new ways to approach muscle spasms, limited range of motion, (torticollis) Fibromyalgia, Lymes, gout, latent polio, Restless leg, Shingles, arthritis, premenstrual pain, interstitial cystitis, mercury overload…. Some really big hitters.

That said, the absolute Best part is that It Works!! It's fast and the patient gets relief on the spot. We all know some great techniques but don't always get the "in the moment" Wow results. Not only does the Sunshine Virus technique give pain relief and improved function, it is sure to be a fabulous referral generator!

We are all here to be Healers. Get this into your toolbox. It's a joy to serve.  Please share this with anyone you know of interest.
❤ Elaine Carter  


Module 1 - Viral Technique - March 27, 2013

Daily I continue to have so much fun and brilliant results with your technique I am addicted to the stunned look on peoples faces "omg, it doesn't hurt!"
Thank you, my friend and mentor
❤ Elaine Carter 


Module 1 - Viral Technique - March 28, 2013

The day of the seminar, my hands were extremely swollen (rheumatoid arthritis).  I could not even turn the rings on my finger. Dr. Sunshine determined potatoes were triggering a virus.  After Dr. Sunshine treated me, my fingers immediately started going down and within 20 minutes I was able to take my rings off. Amazing!

The Module 1 viral technique was easy to implement into my practice and I was able to utilize the the technique immediately.  I was able to remove knee pain in the first patient I used it on.

Dr. Donna Kile, D.C.    Oak Ridge, Tennessee


Module 1 - Viral Technique - April 20, 2013

Thank you, Dr Barry, for presenting the seminar last week!  I would agree that this is truly a life changing procedure and very few times in my 34 year chiropractic career has something been this profound. I began immediately using the technique and did get great results. In fact, I had a referral from Oklahoma on the phone Monday who I referred to your clinic there in Tennessee.( She is a very serious case and is considering relocating to where she can get the care she needs...she says she is done with medicine!  Another patient heard me talking about the technique and then contacted you herself.  She was very appreciative of you responding to her email so quickly.  I have already ordered the product that she will apparently need.  Then another referral came to me on Monday who was visiting from Chattanooga TN and I referred him to you as well.    I am so excited about what is happening here!!! 

I used the technique as much as I could all this week and I have some great stories, even though I know I need to go much deeper on many of these people. I do not have the test kit yet but hope to get it next week. 

The work you did on me was very good. It made a noticeable difference with the stomach virus very quickly, but there were good changes with the other problems I have with my right side-trunk and both lower extremities. ( 2004 Guillian Barr residuals.)  I am so encouraged as I have almost been to the point of complete disability many times. Not being able to practice is not an option. I have never lost faith that I would be restored to excellent health through some means...I know that God never allows the pain to be wasted!  My pursuit of things that I hoped would heal me have all proved to be so valuable to many of my patients, even though it may not have helped me too much personally. However, the viral technique is a huge "game changer" as I call. Suddenly the possibilities for healing are practically limitless! 

I have already put the date on my schedule and I will at the Module II. 

I will begin to chronicle the patients and the responses to the technique and will send to you later. 

I do look forward to learning from you and I  commend you on venturing out with your seminars. 
It is a labor of love and of obedience to what the Lord has commissioned you to do. I pray God's continued hand of blessing upon your life in every way....and thank you again! 

Warmest Regards 
Beverly Martin DC  - Hiram, Georgia

Module 1 - Viral Technique - May 14, 2013

I am still amazed at this viral technique and the patients are even more than amazed.  I have gotten to where I don't even discuss it before doing it and as the pains just seem to vanish, the expressions are priceless!

Beverly Martin DC  - Hiram, Georgia