Module 1 

"How to Remove Pain In Less Than A Second"

You will be taught how to remove pain in your patients in less than a second with my viral technique.  Over the last 12 years I have developed a simple, easy to use technique which you can learn and master in my one day seminar.  You will be taught how to utilize the technique and have an opportunity to workshop it and actually be treated yourself.  

"I guarantee you will be able to do my Viral Technique before you leave and be able to use it Monday morning in your office to help your patients."

My Viral Technique will teach you how to relieve:

Neck and back pain
Joint and muscle pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Shingles and fever blisters
and much more...

As an ADDED BONUS I will teach you how to use diagnostic vials based on intradermal screening technology which will allow you to energetically determine 1) which supplements are medicinally good for your patients, 2) whether your patients can tolerate them, 3) whether all the supplements the patient is taking are compatible, 4) which is the best of two or more helpful supplements.